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BTH writers react to Jack Wilshere signing

Former Arsenal man draws strong feelings from writers

It’s official! Jack Wilshere is now a West Ham United player. The 26-year-old joins the Hammers on a three year deal on a free transfer. The injury plagued Arsenal man has shown flashes of world class talent but like Andy Carroll is often in the training room not on the pitch.

Brace the Hammer writers have given their opinion on Manuel Pellegrini’s newest signing.

Garett Kerber

This Wilshere signing is a couple years late. I think the Hammers are getting a player that can certainly be solid in the midfield but I have my doubts that his health will ever be what it needs to be for him to make a major impact. I like the signing for the depth it brings and how it should solidify a shaky midfield, I’m just not sure it’s a move that will make the waves many Hammers supporters will want.

Jack Kavanagh

I’m willing to be proven wrong about Jack Wilshere but I don’t like this already. It’s Andy Carroll part 2, we’re going to spend the next few seasons ignoring his many flaws and talking about how he’s good “on his day”

I think it is telling that Bournemouth didn’t want to renew his contract and that the new Arsenal regime didn’t want Wilshere despite his offer to reduce his wage demands. This has bad news written all over it and I am going to need convincing

Trevor Criswell

This is a shrewd signing. For the club, it comes without a transfer fee which is massive considering the sums that were being thrown around while he was still an Arsenal player. The wage is reasonable and we will get his very best (provided he is healthy). Wilshere needs to re-establish himself as a footballer and he will get the chance to at West Ham. As he enters the potential “prime” of his career, if he wants to play in big games for club and country, this season is critical. Worst-case: he’s injured all the time and doesn’t see the field. Best-case: he finds his form again and is a crucial part of an Irons team that makes a push for a Europa League spot.

Jackson Schmidtke

I think this is a low risk and high reward signing. Getting him on a free is a shrewd bit of business from our new director of football and new manager. He’s the type of deep midfielder we’ve been needing for a few years. Who will he slot in for though? Are Mark Noble’s days done? There’s been lots of talk of Pellegrini resurrecting Kouyate’s career. Obiang seems like surplus to requirements now. There will certainly be plenty of competition for deep midfield spots now. Especially if Declan Rice or Reece Oxford make the move forward. Sure he has an injury history but he was healthy all of last season at Arsenal and was healthy for the majority of 16-17 at Bournemouth.

Plus, our BTH poll clearly shows that Wilshere is being seen as a good signing.

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