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Noble: ‘I don’t think we will’ have last game relegation drama

No worries at all says the captain

One person not sounding the relegation alarm bells for West Ham United is captain Mark Noble, who believes the team won’t have a dramatic fight for survival in the end.

The holding midfielder expressed his candid view Sunday afternoon, following the Hammers 4-1 loss at home to champions-elect Manchester City, if the team would battle for Premier League safety on the final matchday in a few weeks time.

“And in all honesty, I don’t think we will,” he said. “But we have to get the points on the board. There’s three or four teams, probably five teams, left involved in it. And I can assure you, we will have a good go.”

David Moyes indicated that at least West Ham weren’t in the relegation zone currently occupied still by Southampton, Stoke City and West Brom.

“It would be more demoralizing if we were below that dotted line,” Moyes said. “We want to stay above it. When we come in, we were below it, now we’re about it. And I think we’ve got games coming out where we’ll have chances to win.

“We’ll always have to play better than what we are doing just now. I think we have enough in the bag to take a game, but we have to prove it.”