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I hate to say it but I told you so

Resident Joe Hart hater proven right about washed up England keeper

West Ham United v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I love being right, but I’ve never wanted to be more wrong than on my assessment of Joe Hart. Yesterday, I was proven right about one of the worst signings in West Ham United’s history.

Sure we’ve had busts. Simone Zaza, Modibo Miaga, Razavan Rat, just to name a few. However, Joe Hart is the worst bust of them all.

“BUT JACKSON! THOSE OTHER GUYS DIDN’T PRODUCE ANYTHING!!!” You yell angrily while spitting out your Stella and cheesey chips.

You’d be right, but while none of those other busts produced much in the way of goals or assists, they didn’t actively put West Ham on the brink of relegation the way Joe Hart has.

He’s a sieve. His one good game against Chelsea doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s let in a preposterous 35 goals this season. Worst than that he’s had four errors that lead directly to goals, the same number of clean sheets he’s kept. His most egregious being this one against Stoke.

West Ham should be safe but in a game that we could not lose Joe Hart (with some help from Michael Oliver) nearly did just that. Getting a point from the Geordie Jesus Andy Carroll saved the Hammers from disaster.

If West Ham still manage to find a way to get relegated we can point directly at Joe Hart and say it’s your fault mate.

I mean seriously look at this goal.

How do you not contain that weak shot and not spill it out? Rec team keepers have better hands than Joe did there. Were his mitts greased? Honestly, I don’t even drop shots like that and I’m a pretty garbage keeper! Just as my intramural soccer team from college. Credit to Crouch for being in the right spot, but man alive Joe Hart was pitiful there.

I said it when we was signed that it was a horrible signing. I wish I wasn’t right but I was. His outrageous wages, his inconsistency, and his general knack for making horrible errors were all signs that this wasn’t going to end well. David Sullivan signed him to give fans a bit of hope and to make a big name signing.

Adrian is a slightly better keeper than Hart but they’re essentially the same player. West Ham will need an upgrade at the position if they want to make it into Europa contention. Current Premier League keepers all are a bit dodgy so we may have to look to Europe to find our new No. 1. Nathan Trott can’t grow up fast enough as far as I’m concerned. We need help in a big way.

Just like one good game doesn’t make a keeper great one poor game doesn’t make one garbage either. However, this has been Joe Hart’s MO for years. Costly mistakes and blunders you can’t comprehend.

Sure the man is honest in a post match interview, and is a likable guy in the training ground but those aren’t great reasons to make a keeper your No.1 guy. If I’m Gareth Southgate it’s tough for me to bring him to the World Cup. Three years of shoddy performances for club and country have moved Joe off of my team-sheet for West Ham and out of the squad for the World Cup.

I have no idea what the man should do. Maybe a newly promoted side is his best bet to restart his career? Honestly though if I were him I’d retire and start cashing in on my dashing good looks.

If West Ham go down there are plenty of moments to look toward and say that’s the reason why we went down. Yet, this is the one that I think concretely can be pointed to and say, if Joe catches that ball we don’t go down.

Joe Hart was and is a horrible signing for West Ham. We really bungled this one.