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Premier League clubs say no to VAR for next season

We don’t know how West Ham or any of the clubs voted individually

England v Italy - International Friendly

In news that will either be cherished by the football purists or annoy those desiring for the right calls to be made, Premier League clubs Friday morning voted in majority to not allow video assistant replay (VAR) into their competition for next season.

While Serie A and the Bundesliga have used VAR this season, as well as the Football Association having it for the FA Cup this season, England’s top flight competition will not have the technology. VAR will likely also be approved by “The International Football Association Board” later this spring for its usage at the World Cup in Russia.

In a statement announced from the league on the clubs’ decision:

The decision came after comprehensive discussions regarding the progress made in VAR trials in English football, and key learnings from the many competitions elsewhere using it.

The Clubs recognized and are grateful for the substantial developments made by PGMOL Managing Director Mike Riley and his team.

The Clubs agreed that advanced testing will continue to the end of season 2018/19 to make further improvements to the system, especially around communication inside the stadium and for those following at home and around the world.

It was not disclosed which clubs voted for or against VAR, so we wouldn’t know how West Ham voted.

Whether you like or loathe VAR, Premier League clubs cannot have any “buyer’s remorse” on this one. They have decided that they rather not give their referees all of their information needed to make the best decision as possible.

None of these clubs’ managers, unless they were the clubs to vote for VAR’s implementation, can complain about not having the technology if a controversial moment happens next season. And of course, controversial decisions will always happen in football.