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London Stadium group: West Ham’s next home game will have larger security

Because you weren’t going to do that already???

West Ham United v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

It was an embarrassment that required necessary changes as soon as possible. And West Ham United is taking steps for last week’s fan debacle to never be replicated again in the London Stadium.

A statement Thursday from the London Stadium Safety Advisory Group issued a statement Thursday after the high-profile mess in the forgettable loss to Burnley last Saturday. The group clearly stated that those events could not transpire for another time and took blame for the lack of security at the Stadium.

“The London Stadium Safety Advisory Group met today and found that a small minority of spectators from within a very large crowd caused an unprecedented level of disorder at multiple locations across the stadium, which would have been almost impossible for any security team to manage,” the statement said.

“Whilst some issues in the security regime were identified it is recognized that the operation were stretched significantly by the scale and volume of incidents and stopped most attempted pitch incursions successfully.”

“In response, a series of measures will be introduced for the next fixture including: increased stewarding, enhanced pitch security and a significantly larger police presence.”

It’s not the first time West Ham United and the London Stadium have had to respond to fan behavior. Back in October 2016, the club vowed to increase the distance from Hammers supporters and visiting fans after the major fights between them and Chelsea fans after West Ham EFL Cup victory that evening.

Just on a safety matter for players and coaches, not only West Ham but all teams in professional top flight football throughout the world need to make sure that multiple fans can’t come onto the field that easy during a match.