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Bilic admits ‘Dildo brothers’ quote from Sporting president ‘made me laugh’

Too good, just too good

There was a really funny moment in Slaven Bilic’s pre-match press conference, as the West Ham manager provided a needed moment of levity.

It came when Bilic was asked about the ugly spat this week between the club and Sporting Lisbon over the failed William Carvalho transfer, escalated further with the comments made by the pugnacious Bruno de Carvalho. The president of the Portuguese club of course called both Hammers owners David Gold and David Sullivan “the dildo brothers” Wednesday in a scathing, comedic reference to both the Davids’ past forays into the pornography business.

Refusing to say the de Carvalho quote when asked by a reporter, Bilic did admit he got a chuckle out of it.

“Which one, which one, you tell me, I read a few of them so I’m thinking about coming with the lawyer today,” Bilic said with a smile. “They’re been a few issues this international break. Which one, I cannot say it?”

“C’mon, say it! You’re expecting me to say it?”

“It’s funny, it made me laugh,” he went further. “But look, make no mistake. I don’t like to talk about some things openly and what I know about the transfer is because I wanted the player, we kept it like low profile. The whole summer, it looked very promising, from what I know. But West Ham people told me they spoke to Sporting Lisbon about the player. That’s 100%”