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West Ham and LS185 increase security measures ahead of home opener

Checkpoints will now be situated on bridges around London Stadium

West Ham United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

As part of an ongoing effort to improve security, West Ham United have announced on the team’s site a new protocol that will be enacted starting on Monday during their home match against Huddersfield.

The idea is three pronged; improve security, reduce queue times, and alleviate congestion at turnstiles. The security terminals and checkpoints will now be on the various bridges leading up to London Stadium. To clarify, these are not ticket checkpoints, just security. You can still walk up to the stadium without a ticket to visit the ticketing office and team store.

Of course, everyone is on board with improving security. In light of recent events all across Europe, particularly around football matches, it’s a welcomed change. In this current climate, one can not be too careful.

The only minor concern is the time delay, if there is one. One of the aims of LS185 and West Ham United was to reduce queue times. Being that this is a new, and unpracticed system they are implementing, there are bound to be setbacks and adjustments. West Ham does recommend you arrive at least an hour early and to avoid bringing any sort of bags or backpacks. Per West Ham’s team site:

In order to allow easy access and cause minimal delays, it is recommended that supporters arrive at least one hour prior to kick-off and avoid bringing any bags to matches unless absolutely necessary. Large suitcases or luggage are not permitted in the stadium.

All bags will be searched and supporters may also be asked to remove jackets or coats in preparation for search. All approved bags are also subject to additional inspections within the Stadium.