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UPDATE: Sporting Director refutes Sullivan’s claims by lodging official FIFA complaint

The saga continues...

Sporting Clube de Portugal Communications Director, Nuno Saraiva, has refuted claims made by David Sullivan and the ‘alleged email’ that was leaked last night showing West Ham’s bid for William Carvalho, via Sky Sports News.

Once again taking to Facebook in a lengthy post, Saraiva says:

“They're circulating some alleged emails e-mails that want to prove the pseudo-narrative of David Sullivan from West Ham. It has to be said:

“Why were the recipients of this so-called e-mail hidden?

“Where are the delivery receipts that prove that these alleged emails arrived at Sporting CP?

“The West Ham people themselves attribute such credibility to this alleged correspondence with their leaders everywhere.

“Sporting Clube de Portugal will proceed with a complaint in FIFA against West Ham for solicitation of a player, which violates all regulations. And it will require the full disclosure of these so-called emails that, to be true, have never been sent to Sporting CP.”

In a potential move to threaten off David Sullivan from pursuing potential further legal action, lodging an official FIFA complaint for any illegal approach for a player is a very serious matter, and could have major ramifications for either party if they’re found out to be guilty of lying.

We know from the leaked emails last night that someone from either Sporting CP or West Ham IS currently lying about the situation, and with no end in sight to this war of words saga, and matters at West Ham currently spiralling out of control on-and-off the field, it could leave a bitter taste for the coming weeks.