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The Sakho Show: A crazy two days, as striker stays with West Ham

It really might as well be a reality show

West Ham United v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Oh the hilarity that is the Sakho show:

Over 24 hours ago, it appeared out of nowhere that Diafra Sakho was suddenly headed to Rennes.

Sky Sports top reporter Kaveh Solhekol tweeted about Sakho going to the Ligue 1 club and passing a physical.

Solhekol then wrote those chilling words that you can never go back from....”deal agreed.”

Immediately, there was a clear reaction of anger from West Ham, as there started to be major pushback on Sakho’s reported “departure.”

And then came owner David Gold, who was in no mood for nonsense, making it clear what the situation was: That he and David Sullivan decide if Sakho stays or goes, and they clearly decided the former with no thoughts of the latter.

This stern stance by the Hammers owners lead to Sakho having to comeback to West Ham and explain himself, and for a rare transfer tweet in which Solhekol didn’t get right all the way.

Fitting of a situation so comical, Sakho spent the beginning of Thursday betting on his agent’s horse (by the way, Sakho and all footballers are allowed to bet, just as long as it isn’t on football).

There still were questions as to whether West Ham would budge to Sakho’s request and be sympathetic to how he wanted to move for “personal reasons.” But the Davids did not least, if you aren’t talking about giving Sakho a possible raise!

Indeed, in convincing him to stay and be happy in London, both the owners decided to ponder giving the capricious Senegalese striker a bump in salary for his forced move attempt! Cue the “I am happy here now and love this club” reaction from the hilarious protagonist.

And to wrap up the day, how much did Sakho win for that successful bet on Siege of Boston?

Making it a fitting hilarious close, one of those horses that Siege of Boston beat in that race was name...Happy Hammer.

(That was noticed by good sir Jonathan Lines).

And that has been this week’s dramatic episode of “The Sakho Show.” See you next week for another exciting, unpredictable episode that no one knows will happen next.