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Halftime Report: Southampton 2 - 1 West Ham United

Check out all the first half highlights right here


I’m not sure how else to describe it. A poor start only made worse by all the promise and anticipation of this match. Turnovers, poor marking, Jose Fonte, and Marko Arnautovic have combined for a first half that will certainly have Slaven Bilic in fits inside the locker room.

To be a fly on the wall...

Things only got worse after Jose Fonte mismarked his man, Manolo Gabbiadini. While West Ham United reacted well after the first goal, events petered out quite quickly. Any hopes of getting back into the match were squashed by Marko Arnautovic who decided to elbow Tadic square in the jaw.

One red card and hissy fit later, Mark stormed off the pitch leaving the Hammers down to 10 men.

Jose Fonte pulls another homecoming beauty by pulling on the collar of Davis as he battled into the box. One Tadic penalty later, Saints were up 2-0.

But then...


The West Ham marquee signing opened up his account book with his first goal of the season.

West Ham will need that same fire going into the second half if they hope to make things level. Hammers need Jose Fonte to step up big time and get his head out of his proverbial ass. I’m not sure if the occasion is getting to him or he just keeps getting confused by which kit is the opposing one.

Halftime Hero: Javier Hernandez - I can watch that goal over and over again. Hyped for more!

Halftime Zero: Marko Arnautovic - need I explain why?