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What does the future hold for Mark Noble at West Ham United?

Hammers Chat debates which side of the fence they sit when it comes to the captain

Mr. West Ham United. The Captain. WhatsApp team chat room admin. Mark Noble has worn many hats over the years but none so important than what he’ll don in the coming years. As with every aging leader on any team across the globe, one day you will look over your shoulder and see younger, healthier, and faster competition itching to take you down.

Once a player reaches this pivotal moment in their careers, there are two avenues to choose from. One, the player can make way for the good of the team, helping to nurture and secure a successful future. Or two, they can make a massive stink and demand to be traded.

Luckily, Mark Noble is not the latter. The question remains however; what will his role be going into next season? Where does he rank in Slaven’s starting XI? Thankfully, Hammers Chat is here to discuss that very question.

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