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West Ham United writers wanted!

Join the fastest growing US Hammer community and become a contributor today!

Hey there, Hammer friends! We are looking for individuals interested in writing for one the latest, and greatest, editions to SB Nation’s family of soccer sites.

Brace The Hammer launched in October of 2016 and experienced some great support from fans and contributors. So much so, we’re looking to broaden our writer base. Writing for SB Nation is great on a resume and a wonderful experience. Just listen to some of those reviews!

Andrew Jones:

I was paying for therapy 4 times a week to vent my frustrations with the board. I’m down to one session since I’ve started writing!

Tom Atherton:

Living in the fast lane, I never knew where I’d be spending the night. The park? A stranger’s couch? Camped outside LS hoping to catch a glimpse of Karren? Brace the Hammer has given me purpose again.

If you’re interested in covering London’s finest football clubs please let me know at