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REACTION: Iheanacho deal dead in the water

Brace the Hammer writers react to news

West Ham United v Everton - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

As you could imagine news of Kelechi Iheanacho’s move to West Ham United being killed didn’t sit well with Hammers fans.

Let’s grab our pitchforks and torches and see what Brace the Hammer writers think of today’s news.

Jackson Schmidtke:

I can’t decide who’s fault it is but it’s really diminished my view of Slaven and our owners. I’ve never been as big of a critic as the owners as others have but this really kills me. Iheanacho was my #1 signing to get this summer.

If it’s in-fact Slaven who killed it then I think he needs to be fired immediately. I’m sorry but this is a no-brainer signing that would excite every fan. To kill it over a buy-back is silly and to kill it because he’s “unproven” is equally as stupid.

If it’s the board or someone else in the club throwing Slav under the bus to cover for their penny pinching, it’s bad. That’s the kind of stuff that can bring a club down. Undermining a manager like this is a good way to get subpar results and to ensure you never get another good manager again.

No matter what it is, it’s making generally mild-mannered me get very angry and that’s not a good sign.

Jonathon Liebling:

This directed at everyone whose job function is higher than the vendors at LS

Chad Hoy:

Jack Kavanagh:

It's ridiculous, our transfer policy is a shambles. We're doing our classic thing of being 'interested' in everybody but not getting any deals agreed. We're going to lose out on all the big players and sign a load of bums that no one has ever heard of. One or two will be decent and nothing will be learned. We got lucky with Dimitri Payet.

Andy Kostka:

I just find it telling that the big press release is that we sold out 52k season tickets, rather than getting a deal across the line. We've had all summer, but the focus is clearly on gaining money. Karren Brady said the next step is to increase capacity. It should be increasing quality in the side.

Trevor Criswell:

I am just shocked that the club are so seemingly disjointed. Again, how is Slav only getting to make a call on this deal right now? You would think before the Davids go and negotiate a fee, a buy-back and personal terms they would have been like "so we want Iheanacho, how do you feel about that?” It's INSANE!