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The Slaven Bilic conundrum... Stick or twist?

Hammers Chat discuss the whether or not the Croatian deserves his new deal

Burnley v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Our good friends at Hammers Chat are back once again and this time they've brought us the old timely debate of none other, than Slaven Bilic.

Whether you love him or hate him, host Geo, Timmy and myself are here to discuss whether the big Croat deserves his new deal at West Ham United and the expectations laid at his feet going forward.

Unfortunately, aside from the weekly bogus transfer rumours and the negative energy surrounding the club, this really is a topic that seems to divide the many. Whether you're sat on the fence or not, no-one really knows game-by-game how they feel about Bilic as manager.

Whether it's his tactical awareness that irks you or his lack of substitutions that leave you puzzled, we try to look at both sides of the coin and how his man-motivational skills and likeable character sometimes outweigh the bad in him.

Talking about managing expectations and building a plan to back Slaven, Tim said;

"I think a lot of it comes down to expectation."

"I would love nothing more than for the owners to come out and say, we are working to a ten-year plan. We don't have the money that Chelsea and Man United have got, we're not going to be able go out and buy players and if we do spend £150 million this season, the other clubs will spend £300 million."

"The way that we achieve the goals WE want to achieve with the club and get to the next level is; invest in our youth, invest in our scouting network, invest in the manager, back him up with a three-year deal and give him time."

Whereas I stated that if in-fact Bilic found himself in the last year of his current deal, he wouldn't be able to risk playing youth;

"Unfortunately it's the price that we're going to have to pay and it's a shame, but where do we stand. We're crying out for spending lots of money on big players to change the team, but we have a lot of young, capable people with the likes of Josh Cullen on loan at Bradford."

"From what we've seen, he’s one of the best academy youth products since the Lampard days and he just won’t get that look-in under Slaven, I don't know if he just doesn't trust them."

"If it comes down to him saving his job, there's no way that our youth gets a chance with him."

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