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Andre Gray looks for payday as West Ham United and Everton line up offers.

Everton haven’t been shy this transfer window, may force Hammers to make a move.

Crystal Palace v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Burnley have failed in their attempts to extend Andre Gray’s contract which is due to expire next summer. The word on the street around Turf Moor is Andre is looking for a new contract that would put him at £100,000 a week - hence the break down in talks. Let’s hope that rumor is only half true as no director in their right mind would hand over 100k a week in wages to a 26 year old striker who hasn’t proved himself on the main stage.

However, I do not count myself among the many who think this would be a travesty of a signing. Quite the opposite. I think Gray would be a welcomed and refreshing addition to West Ham United’s front line. He’s a proven finisher with a nose for goal. Sure, he’s no Olivier Giroud or Michy Batshuayi - but we almost paid £15m for Scott Hogan less than 6 months ago.

If that is the new benchmark - £15m for decent Championship strikers - then the fee for Andre Gray is a steal when you take away the salary demands.

While wearing Burnley’s claret, Gray managed to find the back of the net a mere ten occasions. However, that’s not really the entire picture. A striker is usually only as good as the service he’s receiving and Burnley had one of the fewest chances created in the Premier League last year, falling shy of Middlesbrough.

Gray wouldn’t find himself in the starting XI every match should everyone including Andy Carroll be fit - but what a replacement he would be. Many times last season we were forced to suffer through the fumblings and failings of Jonathan Calleri. What wouldn’t we have given then to have an option such as Andre Gray. The issue, with all things, comes down to money and opportunity. Do West Ham have the coin to pay for Gray? Of course. Is the opportunity for playtime there for Gray? No less than the playtime available over at Everton. This transfer will come down to who offers the higher wage.

Unfortunately, as is the trend this transfer window, Everton willing to pull the trigger whereas West Ham is trying to squeeze dimes out of pennies.