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Thursday’s Iron Links, Moore Transfer News and Notes, July 26 2017

Hammer ruminations on this fine Thursday morning...

Peterborough United v West Ham United - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

The Right Stuff

This morning, I wanted to start off on a positive note! Not just in Hammer World but in all aspects. So I leave you this tweet from Eurosport UK.

I have been a vocal member of the West Ham board opposition, but I’ve stiffened my critiques in the wake of so much... gall. Few would have predicted David Sullivan and company would have approached the transfer window with so much ambition. But here we are, collecting our tools, getting ready to build a wonderful foundation for hopefully an equally ambitious season.

Shots fired...

David Sullivan pulled no punches when asked about Dimitri Payet from Talksports’s Jim White:

Jim: “You stressed there that Hernandez is a truly decent guy, does that come into the equation all the more after your experience with Dimitri Payet?”

David: “Well I think we knew Dimitri was flawed and that’s why we got him for .... £10.5m, which was a fantastic buy, but we knew we bought a flawed individual. We knew it was an individual who could well go on strike — he’d done it all before — and that’s why he never really reached his full potential as a player, and why big clubs steered clear of him.

I’d give up porn to hear Dimitri Payet’s response to those statements.

Are we clear?? ... Crystal

Love this dinger...

Adrian is reported to be on the move to Crystal Palace for a reported fee of £3 million. For those counting at home, that’s £2 million less than Darren Randolph. Which raises an interesting question.

Is Nathan Trott ready to be West Ham United’s #2 goalkeeper?

Oh when the Spurs... go marching... home?

Tottenham Hotspur and Red Bull Arena made a mess of the open training and autograph session Monday night, prior to squaring off against AS Roma. Hundreds of Spurs fans turned up from all over the northeast to watch their lads take free kick practice only to be turned away because it rained earlier that morning. Seriously.

Sad or funny?

After asking to be moved from the club, literally nobody has sent Leicester City a bit for their player of the year, Riyad Mahrez. Even with all the rumors surrounding Arsenal and Roma interest, King Power has let the world know they haven’t received a single offer. HA! Consider this retribution for the awful way you ran Claudio Ranieri out of town. Shame!