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Sunday’s Iron Links, Moore Transfer News and Notes, July 23 2017

You’re not fooling us Mourinho... nope nope nope!

Jose! Jose! Jose!

First off, who doesn’t love Jose Mourinho? Oh... most of you? Yikes... Well I think he’s hilarious. You never know what he’s going to do or say, he’s really the perfect manager for any writer or blogger. Keeps you on your toes. So why am I excited this morning?

Looks like we’re winning the league boys!

To be fair, he’s a head games merchant and is probably just winding us up before August 12th’s league deciding match.

Keita me this...

Will he or won’t he? It’s being reported that Keita Balde has his sights set on Inter, but Inter may not feel the same way...

Good news is, Lazio have also accepted a bit from West Ham United. Which means, even if we’re not Keita’s first choice, he might be coming here anyway. Which is what every girl wants to hear, right?

Jack Wilshere? I hardly even know her!

Loans for days. West Ham interest in Jackie boy has been ramped up recently as concerns over midfield depth begin to take hold. Let’s all admit to ourselves we’d love to see Pedro Obiang next to Jack. I know... he’s fragile. When healthy he’s a show stopper and someone who I can see bleed claret and blue eventually.

Lanzini manzini, banana fana fo finzi.

Manuel Lanzini scored against the Fulham youth squad (beating them 2-1) and West Ham United’s twitter account lost it. Unfortunately, it was the same day Chicharito was being rumored to have agreed to terms so nobody really cared...

Around the globe!

In unrelated news to West Ham, US Soccer fans will be mildly interested to know Bruce Arena and his band of misfits have made the Gold Cup final! They will face off against tonight’s winner of Mexico vs Jamaica. I think we all know who we’re rooting for in that match.

Really though, it is very impressive to see Bruce Arena just pick up the mess Jurgen Klinsmann left behind. Last night’s win against a battered Costa Rica was a tough challenge, as Los Ticos have been considered the better team, at least by FIFA’s rankings. It was also nice to see Jozy Altidore finally break out after eight scoreless matches. Of course, it was aided by US great, Clint Dempsey.