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Bilic: ‘We are pretty close’ to new transfers

We maybe having some new Hammers soon

Burnley v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

West Ham United fans upset with their club’s lack of activity in the summer maybe comfortable by manager Slaven Bilic vowing that they are close to new signings.

As the first week of their team’s training camp in Austria concluded, the Croatian coach stressed that the Hammers were on the verge of acquiring new talent. However, as usual with Bilic or any manager with a rational brain, he would not disclose who those potential new Hammers are.

“We are pretty close, but I prefer not to talk transfers, I prefer to work transfers,” he said to “Make no mistake, we are working hard every day, but it is not easy.”

Cognizant of what Ronald Koeman and Everton have done so far this summer, Bilic stated that not every club is active in the first half of the transfer period as the Merseyside outlet.

“Some clubs, like Everton, are signing a lot of players, some are signing a couple of players, and some haven’t signed any,” Bilic said. “But that doesn’t mean they are not trying. I’m sure everybody is working, and everybody is trying to sign players.”