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Affordable football? Don't be fooled

West Ham's U16's single ticket prices revealed for Category A games, and it's absolutely disgusting

Affordable football, the beautiful game for the working class, families and the people, or so we're lead to believe. Our owners and vice-chairman insisted that the transition to our new home would spark a new era for the club in more ways than one, with affordable football atop of their agenda.

With a single image posted today showing the breakdown of individual matchday ticket pricing at West Ham for the upcoming season, we take a look back at a short timeline showing the clubs commitment to offering 'cheaper football' for families, and the potential lie they've spun to a whole fanbase.

12th September 2013

In an interview published via the BBC Sport website, West Ham's vice-chairman Karren Brady talked passionately about pricing in the modern game, and bringing affordability back to the younger generation.

"It is not a simple case of introducing an attractive pricing strategy, that is key, but it must be supported by the product and work in tandem with the need to retain and reward seasonal supporters.

"Since we became involved in football, David Sullivan, David Gold and I have been committed to offering affordable football to all.

"At Birmingham City, we pioneered the popular 'kids for a quid' promotion. We feel passionately that people from all walks of life should have access to elite sport to enjoy, to inspire them and to encourage sports participation.

"While the visits of some of the world's most recognised teams will continue to merit a premium price, there are always opportunities to make Premier League football more accessible."

21st April 2015

West Ham United announce the new season ticket prices at The London Stadium for the upcoming 2016/17 season.

In a statement published on, Karren Brady once again reassured fans that West Ham were at the forefront of bringing affordable football back to the people.

“We have always said that the move to our magnificent new Stadium would be a game changer for West Ham: a chance to increase revenue, invest in the team and improve our performance on the pitch, but crucially without putting an extra financial burden on the supporters who already come to watch every home match.

"Today’s announcement proves that we have kept our promise.”

  • It is announced that U16's will have a single price across all bands - only £99.

A breakdown of pricing is as follows:

West Ham United's season ticket prices 2016/17

13th March 2017

West Ham United announce a season ticket price freeze for the upcoming season, and announce 2017/18 prices.

Once again in a statement made via the clubs website, West Ham are continued to commit to affordable family football.

"In addition, the Club are continuing to offer concession and junior rates in Bands 1, 2 and 3, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing affordable family football at London Stadium."

  • Last year's U16's season ticket cost only £99 between bands 1-5.
  • If you renewed your season ticket, the price from last season would stay the same.
  • This year for new season ticket holders an U16's season ticket in band 4-5 remains £99, however bands 1-3 now stands at £300, £250 and £200 respectively.
  • Prices have also increased in other bands such as adult, O65's & U21's and disabled adult for new season ticket holders.

A breakdown of pricing is as follows:

West Ham United's season ticket prices 2017/18

Monday 10th July 2017

An image detailing the prices for all Premier League clubs and their individual ticket matchday prices is revealed for the upcoming 2017/18 season via Kieran Maguire, a well renowned finance University lecturer from Liverpool.

  • West Ham offer minimum £25 for adults against 'low category' opposition, with highs at £40 and U16's at a single price of £12.50.
  • For 'category A' opposition, West Ham offer a minimum of £50 per ticket and a maximum of £80, third highest in the Premier League.
  • However the main standout ticket price is for U16's at a whopping £50, a whole £25 more than Brighton and Spurs in joint second place.
  • Away tickets for U16's also costs £25, the highest in the Premier League.

A breakdown of pricing is as follows:

Single ticket prices depending on opposition for every Premier League club 2017/18

Although West Ham may have sold out their 52,000 'affordable' season tickets, if you weren't lucky enough or in the financial state to be able to purchase a season ticket, and wanted to head down to the London Stadium as a family for a single game, the prices for a junior match ticket are both absolutely abhorrent and disgusting.

The younger generation of fans are often referred to as the future, and to be a part of a club that commits to helping the younger fans thrive and be apart of a community that not only enables grass-root success, but offers the chance for children to be immerse themselves in the sport is paramount.

In this latest fiasco and scene of turmoil at West Ham, I along with many others can't help but feel betrayed by this latest set of rumours, as the affordable football we were offered goes straight out the window, much like everything else the owners have promised to deliver on up until now.

If the reported number of fans waiting on the season ticket list is true, they might have to look elsewhere for a cheaper day out at the football this year, let's just hope for their sake it's not Tottenham or Millwall.