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Hartless: Manchester City plan for a future without Joe

The veteran English goalkeeper searches for his next home

Scotland v England - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Before we get into the business end of this article, can we take a look at those two goals by Leigh Griffiths real quick? Of course we can, it’s my article!

Goal #1 from Leigh

And here is goal #2...

Here’s a fun game; if Robert Snodgrass isn’t subbed off five minutes prior, who is taking those free kicks? That’ll keep the Scots up at night.

According to Joe Hart he has had no communication with Manchester City regarding his future. All he knows is what he has heard on the news, and that news is dire. Manchester City have just signed Brazilian goalkeeper, Ederson, for £34.7million from Benfica, effectively released Joe Hart from service.

This would have been exciting news for Hammer fans a few weeks ago prior to the debacle that was the English/Scotland World Cup qualifier. Sure, Leigh Griffiths was absolutely on his game when he sent those hurlers towards the net. However, free kick positioning has always been a sore spot in Joe Hart’s game. A spot that cost England three points and absolutely hurt Hart’s value in the summer market.

The good news for Joe is he is much easier to sell these days than he might have been a month ago. While Jordan Pickford seems to be the goalie of the future, for both club and country, there is still plenty of life left in Hart’s career. The question becomes, is he that much better than Adrian or Darren Randolph?

At this stage of his career? Probably not. I’m not sure he would be worth the price tag that’s undoubtedly attached the English international. He would be a nice name to laud around the gift shop, while being an above average, serviceable keeper. That might be enough to entice David Sullivan, but I think at the end of the day, they care greatly for the bottom line. They’ll get the same return on our current keepers, so why pay the fee?

Check our Joe’s full statement to several outlets below:

‘I need an offer first, then I can work out my options. I’ve got nothing at the moment. My situation now is interesting and patience is going to be the key. I’m lucky I’ve got this great distraction of being involved with my country — and then we will see. I’d love to be withholding information about my future but I don’t have information to withhold. I have not spoken to City. They have obviously signed a new keeper and I get the direction where they are going.

I’m not a kid any more. I can’t just pack my stuff like a 17-year-old and go on loan — I like stability. I don’t think City are going to price me out of a move,’ he said. ‘There is no animosity between the two parties.

I just want to play football. That’s what I live and breathe — and I want to play at the highest possible level. I’m not a robot but there is nothing to get down about.

I’ve never shied away from a challenge and I don’t intend to now.’