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Michail Antonio gives Michael Antonio-like interview after winning Hammer of the Year

As only Magic Mic can

No matter the day, Michail Antonio is always a character. And when it’s on a day he wins awards, Michail Antonio is certainly a character of characters.

After winning the Hammer of the Year award for the 2016-17, the always charismatic Antonio provided his latest entertaining interview for all to enjoy.

It is truly a must watch for you to enjoy:

And ever a man of the people, Antonio went and thanked the fans on Twitter for such an honor.

Now, if only he could just sign a new contract with the Hammers and continue to being a fan favorite?

At least Magic Mic is still capable of providing these humorous moment for all of us in the West Ham world can enjoy.

So, we’ll leave you with the look he gave after hearing James Collins finally won an award at the club for the first time in ten years.