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No, Bilic is not going to be sacked if West Ham lose to Spurs

Slaven has been “two games from being sacked” since November.

Stoke City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Oh Guardian, we all thought you were better than this. Tuesday’s Guardian featured an article saying that Slaven Bilic had two games to prove himself to the board, otherwise he would be sacked. The only problem with that line of thinking is that the exact same article has been written every couple weeks since November.

Has this season been disappointing compared to last season? Of course it has. Does this mean that Bilic might not be back next season? Of course it does. But the performance over the year will be the criteria to judge Bilic, not two games in May against Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Yeah, the last two home games have something between “embarrassing home loss” to “shameful, shambolic display of professional football” written all over them. Liverpool and Spurs are both gunning for Champions League places and Spurs are trying to overcome Chelsea for a Premier League title. Neither game needs any “hype” surrounding them, but here we are.

Obviously, last season these were the kinds of matches that West Ham United excelled in, from the opening game of the season where West Ham went to Arsenal and won to beating Spurs at home. But this isn’t last year, and while the front of the shirt is the same, the players playing in those shirts are different this year, and those that are still at the club aren’t playing like they did last year.

It’s an easy article to write at this point, one speculating about the future of the manager. If the team had lost the home game against Swansea City and not stopped the losing skid or if the team hadn’t gotten three straight draws to limp towards 40 points, the future of Bilic could hinge on the next few games. But that’s not what happened, and while the club may sack Bilic in the summer, the “Bilic’s gonna be sacked” has provided many clicks and column inches this year for a whole lot of nothing.