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To nobody’s surprise: Gokhan Tore and Jonathan Calleri set to go home

We also lost three Sams and a Kyle

West Ham United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Gokhan ... who?

Sit down, I want to tell you something. It’s a difficult admission for me but I think I’ve finally found the courage to speak it. I... I really liked Gokhan Tore. I thought he was a hell of a good signing. A crafty winger from Besiktas who has worked with Slaven Bilic before. His cold start could be attributed to a new country, new system, but right before the injury that put him down for the season, temperatures were rising for the 25 year old. Sadly, soon after that assist, Tore’s form wavered from match to match, and with the crowd already losing its patience for other newcomers such as Simone Zaza, they began to turn on Tore as well.

One thing is certain, nobody will miss the Turkish winger, except maybe me. I’d venture to guess many fans had already forgotten he was on the payroll. While the move was largely considered a failure, I like to look at it as more of an experiment that just needed more data. Unfortunately, we ran out of funding and time, and we’re back to the lab again... yo.

Bye, Calleri.

Originally, I was just going to leave this meme here as it reflects perfectly my sentiment on the Argentinian forward. When I heard Calleri was going to not be retained and sent back to Deportivo Maldonado, I felt a surge of glee. Not since they announced the return of Arrested Development, have I been this excited.

The fear was real. I started to read on social media about how Jonathan would make a wonderful 3rd string forward. Uhhhh why? Given West Ham United’s history with injuries, that 3rd string is going to be first team by October. If I have to sit through 6 months of watching Calleri run onside and offside over and over again, I’ll lose my damn mind.

Also, let’s be honest. Reports out of Hammer camp in December implied Calleri was thrilled to be back in Sao Paulo, hanging out with his old teammates. Most people didn’t even think he was coming back to England. So don’t be sad for poor, young Calleri. I’m sure nobody is more excited about this move, than the Rabona man himself.

The kids aren’t alright...

West Ham United also announced that three Sams and a Kyle won’t be returning. Sam Howes, Sam Ford, Kyle Knoyle, and Sam Westley saw the other side of the door after not being offered new deals. The two surprises, if we needed to pick, would be Sam Howes and Sam Westley. Westley was a mainstay in the U23 team, and the U21 team before that. While Howes made a few appearances for England’s U17, U18 and U19 sides.

The clubs wished them all luck in their future endeavors.