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Season Ticket Holder Jumps Relocation Queue

West Ham United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

With the season over, the club and fans have started looking towards the next campaign. This means season ticket renewals for those who had them this past season. When presented with the option to relocate in the Olympic Stadium, fans are told “Anyone wishing to relocate their seat must renew their existing seat at the earliest possible opportunity as seat relocations will be prioritised based on how early you renew, to enable relocation windows to be scheduled accordingly. Relocation priority windows will be open from Thursday 1 June – Thursday 15 June.” This makes sense as the club have frozen ticket prices and there have been a record number of renewals; the club needs to gauge interest and availability of seats in certain sections before relocating fans.

However, today Brace the Hammer has learned that a season ticket holder was surprised to find they could relocate before the window, essentially jumping the relocation priority line, being able to move from a Band 1 to Band 5 season ticket holder, ahead of the allotted 1 June-15 June window. With the new stadium, it would not be surprising if season ticket holders would be interested in moving their seats, as sight lines and other factors may come into play. With the club placing such an emphasis on season ticket renewals, it is interesting to see that the guidelines set out by the club are not necessarily being adhered to.