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Sullivans help out homeless Manchester man after attack

For all the abuse they get this is a fantastic gesture

Ipswich Town v West Ham United - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images

After a horrendous day of evil and terror there is good to be found in Manchester and West Ham’s co-owner is right at the forefront.

The following video of a homeless man describing how he helped a woman after the devastating attack at the Manchester Arena, has gone viral.

It caught the attention of David Sullivan Jr and his father.

Through the power of social media Steve was found and the Sullivans are working on making good on their offer.

As much abuse as some give the Sullivans this is an amazing gesture especially in the wake of such an awful tragedy. Well done Davids well done. This is however not the only act of stunning kindness and bravery to come out of Manchester. A huge thank you goes to everyone who helped in the wake of a horrible event.

If you are able please consider helping the victims of the Manchester bombing. Here is a link to one of many funds being set up.