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Rivalry Watch: Five historic derby matches between Tottenham and West Ham United

Go back in time and watch some crackers with us

Geoff Hurst

West Ham 3-3 Tottenham (1955-1956)

The quarter finals of the FA Cup saw West Ham United visiting Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. Tottenham fell early to two John Dick goals, but it would be a penalty that would start to turn the tide of this match. Eventually Dick would find the elusive hat trick but it wouldn’t be enough, as a penalty in the box and a late Spurs surge finished the match 3-3. If for no other reason, just watch the video for the awkward commentary and the quick shots of the crowd cheering. Totally worth it.

Tottenham 2-2 West Ham (1968-69)

Sir Geoff Hurst and Jimmy Greaves both score in what was one of the few televised thrillers at Upton Park in the 60’s, dubbed “The Big Match”. The season was just kicking off in September, but it didn’t take long for Martin Peters and Sir Hurst to put West Ham up 2-0. But, as we’ve come to expect in this rivalry, no match is ever over until the final whistle. A Jimmy Greaves cross found Alan Gilzean in front of goal, and just like that, Spurs were back in it. A few minutes later, Greaves was at it again as he found the back of the net late in the match to secure a 2-2 draw.

West Ham 4-1 Tottenham (1993-1994)

Flash forward to 1994 for a good ole trouncing at White Hart Lane. Steve Jones opens up the day with a spectacular goal after a questionable first touch. Trevor Morley found two after being tackled inside the box and Mike Marsh scored the capper to keep the crowd quiet. The final shot of Marsh being leaped on by his teammates is the exclamation point on a very good day for West Ham United and fan bragging rights.

West Ham 3-4 Tottenham (2006-07)

If you want to see a young Mark Noble and Carlos Tevez score some beauties, watch the first minute. If you want to be heartbroken all over again, keep watching after that. Widely considered the match of the season, there was plenty on the line as the 2006-07 campaign was nearing a finish. After conceding a two goal lead, Bobby Zamora comes off the bench to score what surely most thought to be the match winner in the 85th minute. After Dimitar Berbatov silences the cheering crowd 4 minutes later with an equalizer, Paul Stalteri follows up with a gut-wrenching late match winner in the 95th.

Tottenham 3-2 West Ham (2016-2017)

I know nobody wants to relive this match, but we have to. Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand, this will go down as a great rivalry match. I also look at it as adding fuel to the fire. Some have said the West Ham and Tottenham rivalry has fizzled bit as of late, given the direction of the two clubs. This match is a reminder of how much it means to us, the fans.