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Bilic: We’re not giving up on Andy Carroll

What’s the use of being an impact player, if you can’t get on the pitch

Everton v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Andy Carroll is set to miss this weekend’s showdown with Liverpool due to a nagging groin injury.

Go ahead and pick your jaw up from the floor. I know you must be reeling from shock. Apparently this is the groin injury to trump all groin injuries. Every week we hear how the injury isn’t that serious. We’ve been constantly told that West Ham United will cross the Andy Carroll Bridge when they get to it. Problem is, they’ve been sitting in front of this stupid bridge for most of the season, waiting to see if the struts will hold. So here we are, once again. Different week, same question:

What the hell do we do with Andy Carroll?

“It is not a subject for now, but Andy is kind of a player that has such a big impact on our game that we won't give up on him,” Slaven Bilic said to press.

“Especially now, as this has nothing to do with lifestyle or not being committed enough.

“He works really hard, it was bad luck and, as I said, I will never give up on him.

Andy Carroll has managed to start just 15 matches this season. Bilic says he’s unlucky, however, I believe in tangible evidence. When you’re done scoffing repeatedly at 15 appearances, remember, this is the most we’ve seen him in action since 2012. Let that sink in.

So is it time? At what point do we just throw up our hands and try to get something for our patience over the years? If a club in China or even a mid table organization is willing to take on the Andy project, maybe we should start to entertain those offers. Even Slaven had to admit there’s a limit.

“On the other hand, it is no good having a player whose name you put down first, second or third and can't rely on him.”