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West Ham fan allegedly banned for swearing

Rumors are swirling that another fan filmed the offender and sent it to the club

West Ham United v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

In the wake of a outstanding derby win against Tottenham Hotspur, a West Ham United fan has received the worst possible news of all: he has been banned from the London Stadium for excessive swearing.

Hammers Chat has heard a rumor that another fan had taped the offending fan swearing during the match and allegedly sent the video to the club and asked for the other fan to be disciplined. Now it is technically against the terms and conditions of ticket holders to use abusive language, but anyone going to a football match will certainly expect to hear some salty language from time to time, especially at an emotionally-charged match such as the derby against Spurs. As long as the swearing is directed at the players and it’s not in an area with families or small children, “bad language” is usually ignored by most clubs.

It is also concerning that a fan allegedly videotaped another fan without his knowledge and reported him to the club. We don’t know if the fan who felt the need to send the material to the club tried to address it with the stewards that were present, but considering the crackdown that had occurred earlier in the season, it is surprising that the conduct was not addressed at the time of the alleged incident. And another fan allegedly ratting out a fellow fan to the club to get someone in trouble and banned is disappointing. It also seems harsh that the fan was not warned about his behavior before the alleged banning order came down.

Brace The Hammer and Hammers Chat will continue to monitor the situation and update everyone if anything changes.

So Hammer fans, let us know what you think? Harsh or justified? It’s on the terms and conditions on the ticket after all, and everyone should know better and shouldn’t be surprised when they get in trouble, or is banning a harsh punishment for a first-time offender?