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Leaked Kit hits player’s Instagram, quickly deleted

Away kit? Third kit? Training jersey?! Ah!!!!!

Angelo Ogbonna must be pretty bored lately. I mean, the season ending surgery a few months ago has left him little to do but hang out on the training pitch and watch his buddies partake in photo shoots. Knee surgery will do that to a man...

So, we’ll have to chalk it up to a lapse in judgement as the Italian defender posted these photos onto his Instagram, only to quickly delete them minutes later. Clearly, these are legit kits. The question is, what will it be used for? Several sources are saying this might be the new away kid, while others have said it looks a bit similar to the much maligned away kit of this season.

One thing is for sure, Angelo’s sunglasses are on point.

Personally, I think the colors look spiffy! I’d buy it!