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Bilic defends Calleri’s rabona: ‘For him, it was easier to score like that’

Yes, you read right. He defended him

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic defended much-maligned Argentine forward Jonathan Calleri’s questionable Rabona first half attempt on goal in their scoreless draw at Stoke City Saturday afternoon.

Calleri has come under more criticism (including from yours’ truly) after trying to score from close range with the stylish technique, only for his shot to be easily blocked by Stoke centerback Bruno Martins Indi.

But in his post match interview with IMG Premier League media, the Hammers boss explained why Calleri chose to do that, refusing to chastise him for a moment that the rest of the Hammers world and beyond are taking the on loan Deportivo Maldonado man to task for.

“I don’t think he went for the spectacular, but it was the ball was in that position,” Bilic said. “I know it sounds strange. For him, it was easier for him to try and score like that.”

That will be a relief for Calleri to see publicly. But it won’t stop all of us believing he still lost it there.