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Analyzing the ‘WTF Rabona’ from Jonathan Calleri

Why son, whyyyyyy??

Actually, there is nothing to further analyze in detail here. Because what Jonathan Calleri did vs Stoke City in that goal scoring chance, was award-winning stupid.

Now I and a few others have tried to defend Calleri as much as possible in the midst of him basically being every Hammers supporter’s first person to go this summer. But the Deportivo Maldonado third-party own loanee of weirdness (and still potential) can’t receive any backing here.

That was just simply YOLO (a slogan I have hated for long since everyone overused it after Aubrey Graham introduced it annoyingly to the world) from Calleri of idiotic proportions.

Just look at it if you haven’t seen it:

The sad thing about this is, Calleri did well to stay on side following James Collins’ terrific long field pass and set up Andre Ayew for a possible tap in. If it wasn’t for last ditch defending from Stoke City centerbacks Ryan Shawcross and Bruno Martins Indi, Calleri would have had a major assist!

But instead, he had to ruin it completely with that bonkers decision. Iain Dowie on the global feed broadcast of the match tried to give Calleri some wiggle room by saying, he tried to find a better angle to shoot the rebound. That defense, however, is comical and even Dowie couldn’t defend it further.

And why I, even with recognizing whenever Calleri has good moments in matches, can no longer defend him from the final three games of the season.