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Of course West Ham would not address the HRMC investigation

You were guaranteed a healthy WHUFC before that

Faced with the awkward situation of some of their club members involved in the HRMC investigation into their club, Newcastle and maybe more, West Ham United was expected to be adamant about not taking any inquires about the embarrassing subject.

And that was indeed the case Thursday morning to start the weekly Slaven Bilic press conference. Here is West Ham United head of media Max Fitzgerald laying it down!

“As I explained to everyone individually, as I explained individually to you guys earlier we aren’t taking any questions on the visit of HRMC yesterday,” Bilic said. “The players and the managers are on a day off, so they are completely unaffected with the trip to Stoke this weekend. If there is any questions, we will just move on from that section so please don’t try and ask. If anybody wants to talk to me about it afterwards, then I would be happy to talk.”

And based on the West Ham official website, you wouldn’t even know any investigation into any member of the club for tax evasion even occurred. It is of course nowhere to be found. Not even a one sentence little statement below.