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Update: West Ham football will not be penalized

However, our fearless board isn’t in the clear yet

Portsmouth v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Richard Foster from the Guardian is reporting there will be no penalty to the footballing side of business when it comes to West Ham United. Meaning, we shouldn’t be seeing any point deductions, transfer blocking, or any other form of organizational penalties.

Earlier this morning, in a coordinated effort, roughly 50 HMRC officers raided the offices at London Stadium under the guise of a fraud investigation. While accurate details of the investigation have been scarce, Marseille seems to be the link tying all the clubs who were contacted in this investigation. In addition to West Ham United, recently promoted Newcastle saw officers at their doors, with executive Lee Charnley arrested. Chelsea failed to be raided, however, they have made a statement saying HMRC asked for specific documents to which they provided.

The one thing that ties all of these teams together is the dealings of Marseille and their owner, Frank McCourt. Mr. McCourt, you will remember, was the shamed owner of the LA Dodgers who was forced out of his position under investigation of extorting money for his own personal gain. Those houses in Malibu don’t pay themselves!

McCourt V. McCourt Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Of course, we can only speculate as to what is the causal device that is propelling the machinations of justice. Let’s not forget, of course, this isn’t the first time Karren Brady and David Sullivan have been investigated for tax and fraud by the HMRC. In 2009, while running Birmingham City, Ms. Brady was arrested but never charged for her role in a tax fraud investigation which involved several other clubs.

More updates to come as details are released...