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Did West Ham’s Twitter page take our ‘Bilic is happy’ tweet? A deep (non-serious) investigation

This massive investigation piece ends with an emoji!

At the full time whistle last Saturday, Slaven Bilic produced a reaction that every sports fan, whether you are a West Ham United supporter or not, just loves to see: Full, unfiltered, real emotion after his team secured a vital 1-0 home win against Swansea City.

It was the type of reaction that had to be captured and shared to the rest of the world not able to witness it live. Though that certainly is not the first time we have seen Bilic display a candid moment for the public to witness, it still is always a highlight observing those in sports reacting like we do to when they are happy or devastated.

So it was only necessary to capture our beloved Croatian manager celebrating the way he did, with him squatting down the ground, fist clenching, in a wave of relief and joy to end a frightening run that put West Ham in relegation contention once more in the 21st Century. On to our Twitter page we go!

We were the first to post that footage, and many fans, mostly Hammers, resonated with it. That highlight (thankfully not attack by Premier League media for copyright takedown due to it not being actual game footage) was our most retweeted thing to date.

Suddenly, two days later on Monday, West Ham’s actual Twitter page tweets this:

Now I know they can tweet anything West Ham related they want, as they are the official team’s Twitter page. But it is quite funny, and worth a pondering, if they saw how good my tweet was for our Brace The Hammer’s page and thought they should tweet out Bilic’s reaction too! Would be nice if they got the idea from us and actually retweeted a fan page.

It is the sort of thing that can only make you go react by using this emoji: