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Robert Snodgrass has warrant issued for him

Hammer faces driving charge from April of 2015

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images


West Ham United player Robert Snodgrass failed to appear in a Glasgow court today and has a warrant issued against him. His defense lawyer, Martin Black, said that the footballer wasn’t aware he needed to be present for the court date, which stems from a traffic incident in April 2015.

Snograss, who is from Glasgow, is accused of driving a vehicle in which a small child was not properly restrained. The baby was apparently being held by a passenger in the back seat of the car because there was no room for a carseat with restraints for the baby because of the number of people in the car.

While not the most serious of crimes ever committed by a footballer, it does create an added distraction. And while the Justice of the Peace Court judge, JP Eunice Paton, did issue a warrant for Snodgrass, it’s not as if he is skipping town or trying to flee justice, he likely misunderstood the instructions, as his lawyer was present for the trial. Hopefully it gets resolved before too long and it isn't too much of a distraction, as Snodgrass needs to put his performance against Watford behind him as the Hammers face Chelsea on Monday night.