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Big man Andy Carroll back in training

The Big Show returns to training in hopes of making his 10th start on the season

Middlesbrough v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Weeelllllllllll, well it’s the Big Showwwww!

BAM, Eden Hazard! Right in your overrated face!

Andy Carroll returns after missing nearly a month due to a groin injury. Thankfully, because West Ham were eliminated (ha?) from the FA Cup, the star forward only missed two matches. Those matches however, really could have used the unmatched presence Carroll brings to the pitch.

The Ginge, James Collins, on his teammate:

“What Andy can do; I’ve never trained against a lad or played against a lad who is as physical and as good in the air as Andy”

Andy was certainly missed as West Ham United saw draws against West Bromwich Albion, then again at Watford. We can say, with fan-tinted certainty, Andy would have been the difference maker to bring home all three points.

Surprisingly, should Carroll start on Monday, this will only be his 10th Premier League start of the year. Currently sitting on 6 goals in 9 starts, the often injured striker will look to stay on the pitch for the remaining 12 matches. While he won’t catch up with league leaders Harry Kane, Diego Costa, and Alexis Sanchez in goals, he will certainly get an opportunity to add onto his already impressive goals per 90 minute statistic.

New England manager Gareth Southgate’s squad announcement is imminent and Hammer fans are divided on whether they’d like to see their big man on the squad. Many fans would swell with pride to see Andy represent their country, while others just want to see him covered in bubble wrap for safe keeping.