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Brace The Hammer Exclusive: Just who is this Kévin Malcuit guy anyway?

BTH gets a St Etienne fan’s perspective on the Hammer target

Manchester United v AS Saint-Etienne - UEFA Europa League Round of 32: First Leg Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Brace The Hammer’s Andy Kostka interviewed Djibril Rouzaud, a university student in St. Etienne, and a fan of the club, on his thoughts about Kévin Malcuit potentially transferring to West Ham United and what he could bring to the club.

What he thinks about Malcuit leaving the club and what impact it will have on St Etienne:

“Horrible. Already we have to put Pogba who's a CB as the left back.

First they would lose someone who's used to the [position]. They already have a fullback problem by not having enough good fullbacks and not enough who know how to attack and defend with a balance to it.”

How he's helped ASSE into sixth place:

"He has assisted. I think they have the best or second best defense in the Ligue, but that's also thanks to the 'keeper."

Why is he being linked?

"I think it's because of his game against [Manchester United] to be honest. Pogba vs Pogba, their biggest fixture in 40-some years, big names on the other side. Big team, televised. But he could suit the Prem because of his pace but I don't think it's enough. Look at Zouma for example. Came from St Étienne. Went to Chelsea. Can't find a spot in the team. Unfortunately, he did get injured though.

But Malcuit has good pace, good intercepting abilities, reads the game well for someone with very little European experience, but his crosses aren't his main point.”

What is he like as a player?

"He will run up and down the pitch but don't expect him to score any goals. Effective on the counter given the chance on running into space. He's more attack minded than defensively [minded]. He'll be a good wing back. He's played right back and right wing back with three CBs.”

Any drawbacks?

“Malcuit is good don't get me wrong. Comparing the Ligue 1 and the [Premier League] is hard. Ligue 1 isn't as physical as the [EPL]. But Malcuit could adapt to it given time.”

How is his crossing?

“I won't say it's his best thing to give a consistent ball into the box.”

What is he best at?

"Stopping the fast break, like off a corner when you have only pacy players that are attacking. Reads the game well enough at least in Ligue 1. Fitness wise I'll think he'll be fine. My worry though is the physicality of the Prem. Which is a big factor when you take a look at foreign players coming to the Prem for the most part it takes them time to cope with the change.”

What is your take on his disciplinary record?

"It think overall it's pretty good but there are time in which he will make rash tackles."