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Don’t blame Michail Antonio for picking the Falcons to win Super Bowl 51

He would have been right had it not been an epic collapse

Not only was most of America going for the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51, but so was one West Ham star interested in the biggest game in U.S. football.

Before the playoffs even began, Michail Antonio picked the Patriots and the Falcons to be in the big game in Houston.

And indeed, the versatile star was correct in picking who would play for the Lombardi Trophy. He would have been completely right, and one of the best NFL prognosticators outside of the United States, had the Falcons not proceeded to produce the biggest collapse in Super Bowl and NFL history as he picked the Dirty Birds to win their first championship ever.

Antonio picking Atlanta also makes sense considering that he and Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu met last May after a West Ham win against Sunderland.

Antonio hasn’t tweeted yet about this miraculous result. But I can certainly guarantee that he won’t be as devastated about it not going his way as those Atlanta Falcons players creating an ignominious legacy for themselves.