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Monday Morning’s Cup of Joe Cole: News and Links

February 6th: Obiang earn first goal, Fonte emotionally torn, and the Patriots upset 95% of the US.

West Ham Football Links!

World Football Links!

  • Between you, me, and the rest of the world... I can’t stand the Patriots or Tom Brady. I can’t explain why. Perhaps it’s because deep down I’m just super jealous of their constant success. Maybe the tale of a sixth round NFL draft talent becoming one of the greatest stories in sporting history salivates my envy. Or it could be watching the New England Patriots put my New York Jets to shame for about a decade just makes me a downtrodden hater. Regardless of where my Patriot disdain stems from, I respect the hell out of them. Particularly, Tom Brady. Five Super Bowl rings puts him in a league of his own. We have the privilege to watch this legend work.