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West Ham United finally give season ticket holders access to previously locked funds

Due to what club officials dubbed ‘a tech error’, season ticket holders weren’t able to access moneys earned from sales.

West Ham United v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

As of Monday, all West Ham United season ticket holders can finally access funds that have been hibernating in the annals of their West Ham membership accounts.


You mean to tell me, that since August, season ticket holders did not have access to the funds they earned from sales?

This might come as a surprise to some folks who are not familiar with the current state of affairs for season ticket holders. Let’s break it down then!

With a new stadium, came a new ticketing service. After the 2015/16 season West Ham began to employ for all of their ticketing needs. With that transition, they also implemented Ticket Trade, owned and operated by… you guessed it… Ticketmaster. According to the club, they experienced technical difficulties that prevented season ticket holders from access those funds.

Let’s role play for a second. Here I am, Jonny ticket-holder, and my wife is making me go to my sister-in-law’s monster of a child’s birthday party. Of course, the party is on the only day of the week I don’t have to work, and to compound my increasing state of hell, it also conflicts with my Hammers. So what can I do now that my better half has sucked dry all the happiness from my weekend? I can put my tickets up on Ticket Trade.

Since I paid good money for my season tickets, when a buyer is found, that money is transported to a mystical bank account called, “Club Cash.” Why is it mystical? Well, because until Monday, you weren’t able to access those funds or apply them to anything on West Ham’s website. Just an intangible bottom line that offered no benefit to you whatsoever.

So... what changed?

Looks like season ticket renewals are just around the corner! Great news! Also coincidentally, those club cash funds that were previously in an eternal state of limbo, will be released right in time. What’s that? You can apply those funds now to renewing your season tickets? You don’t say!

A fix will be announced shortly on West Ham United’s website that season ticket holders will now be able to access those funds and apply them towards renewals.