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Our HAMstory: Tributes for Bobby Moore, 24 years after his death

The greatest Hammer ever is remembered once again

Portrait of Bobby Moore

It has been now 24 years since the passing of Bobby Moore, the legendary figure who is the greatest West Ham United player ever, arguably England’s greatest international and one of the most spectacular defenders of all time in world history. There is a reason why the one and only Pele deemed him the best marker he faced in his entire career.

But just as sensational and memorable his playing career was, Bobby Moore conducted himself even better off the field. His magnanimous personality was beloved throughout the land and why, a year before the notable 25th anniversary of his death, tributes have been made for him on this day.

The FA kicked started the memories of the most hammering of all Hammers on Twitter, gone from us at age 51 due to cancer.

Bobby Moore’s daughter Robert had a chance to talk again about her family’s foundation in mentoring literary and numeracy to children while taking them to matches at the London Stadium.

And more tributes continued to pour throughout the day.

Retired boxing star Frank Bruno shared his thoughts.

Former Hammers target man Bobby Zamora posted a picture of him as a kid meeting Moore.

And West Ham went into the archives and got another Pele moment praising his fellow footballing superstar.

Bless you forever, Bobby Moore.