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Battered: Andy Carroll set to miss Watford match

Although available on the bench, this is just the latest setback in a string of disappointments

Southampton v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Andy Carroll has not seen the top side of a practice pitch for the past 10 days. What was originally thought to be nothing more than a bit of a groin injury has now sidelined the 28 year old striker for two weeks. The often injured Carroll was on an excellent run of form scoring four goals in his previous four matches, up until facing West Bromwich Albion.

The striker has had a bit of a polarizing effect on fans and pundits alike. There is no doubting his tremendous ability when healthy, the issue is he’s often unfit. They should erect a glass statue in Andy’s honor outside London Stadium. West Ham brass might soon be forced to weigh their options on the big man.

The frustrating aspect of it all is how good Andy Carroll could be if he were just healthy. Critics would say there is no way to be certain, but I disagree. The numbers do not lie. If you look strictly at per 90 minute metrics, to even the playing field, Andy is a top 5 striker. Not only does he hang with the big boys in goals, chances created, and many other related stats, but he also brings a presence which is unmatched.

While we can all agree Andy Carroll shares our frustration and disappointment, it’s tough to look at it from an apathetic, business perspective. On the one hand you have a 28 year old who should be in the prime of his career, and on the other, a constantly battered player who can’t stay on the pitch. Success in the Premiership is measured in Cups and league table finishes, and at some point, you need to reevaluate what is happening at your number 9.

Slaven Bilic did say in an interview with Talksport that Andy will not be making it to Watford.

He is in good form. The only thing about him is that now he is a little bit injured and he didn't train for 10 days. That is a big blow for us but, saying that, he is going to be back very soon.

One can only hope this latest setback to the Andy Carroll saga will be the last this season. However, sadly, we can almost say with complete confidence the question marks surrounding Andy are only getting bigger but fans’ patience is diminishing with each passing day.