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The Hammers embrace their fan club in Dubai

West Ham turned East Ham with their Middle East fanbase

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It proved to be a successful time in Dubai for West Ham United, as they enjoyed a rare mid-season break to the Middle East.

The four day visit and experience lead to Hammers players seeing their fanbase in the United Arab Emirates. It certainly left a lasting impression on manager Slaven Bilic, his coaching staff and the players.

And it certainly made an impact on the Dubai fans there to see their side come all the way from London to be mere feet and inches from them.

The head of the Dubai Hammers Support Club, the fittingly named Dave Leader, talked to about how this was the pinnacle moment for his fan group.

“A lot of the members in Dubai are also Season Ticket Holders, and they all get back quite a bit for business and pleasure,” Leader said. “Everybody is passionate about their Club and and we didn’t realize that there were actually so many. On our Facebook page, we have over 500 members who are signed up, so everybody is passionate and we are out here for West Ham.”

“It’s fantastic. It’s a dream come true, especially if you’re the kids who can’t come to the bar, so it’s nice for them who will hopefully meet their idols, if you like.”