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Brace The Hammer’s Betting Corner

The FA Cup edition!

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So maybe last week wasn’t our best week. We broke even on money, but our predictions were mixed. Still, that just means we can carry that momentum into this week and really make a splash.

I love the FA Cup. The history and magic all culminate in heroics for one side, and disappointment for another. You know there’s going to be an upset somewhere. The trick is to avoid it, or in our case, try to nail it down.

Lock of the Week!

$106 for $100

♣ Tottenham -106 at Fulham +285 ♣

Sure, I could play it safe here and say my lock of the week is Manchester United, or Burnley to beat Lincoln City. But really, my lock of the week is Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are coming off of two tough losses, the first at Liverpool, and then again to Gent in the Champions League. There are many who are saying Fulham have a chance to cap off a very bad week for Tottenham, but I disagree. Mauricio Pochettino has always focused on the league and not on Cup competitions, but he knows how much this will mean to fans. You might not get the A-game starting XI, but you’re going to get a very strong side against Fulham.

Parlays of the Week!

The Risk

$100 for $986

♣ U2.5 Oxford v Middlesbrough ♣ O3 Manchester City v Huddersfield ♣ Millwall +185 ♣

It’s not call ‘The Risk’ because it’s easy. The safe play in this is the U2.5 between Oxford and Boro. Neither team is lighting it up at the moment and I can see Middlesbrough winning easily at 2-0. Taking the over 3 goals at Manchester City also seems like a reasonable play. Huddersfield will score, they always do. In fact, Huddersfield has only been blanked once since October. Man City will win, but the questions is by how much. Lastly, we have Millwall. The Lions haven’t seen defeat since December, why start now? On the other hand, Leicester can’t seem to buy a win. Away from King Power, we’re probably looking at maybe a draw, but Millwall is in a good position to steal one and become the next great sensational story in the FA Cup.

The Reward

$100 for $337

Chelsea -300 ♣ O2.5 goals Manchester United v Blackburn ♣ Tottenham -106 ♣

Chelsea at -300 is our anchor here. Wolverhampton is a good team but, even at the Wolves den, Chelsea just has too much depth and talent to not silence their howls. For my second bet, I’m taking United and Blackburn to score three goals. Look, United just put up a 3 spot on a Zlatan Ibrahimovic hat trick against Saint Etienne, so we see no reason to not match that against the Championship side.

The Insanity Play

$100 for $2840

Leicester +157 ♣ Huddersfield v Man City Draw +420 ♣ U2.5 goals Spurs v Fulham ♣

I know what I said! Man City has too much talent to lose to Huddersfield. However, I also said Huddersfield is a very good attacking side who will put up a score or two. Expect the City kids to start this match in lieu of the regulars, so a draw is very much a real possibility. While I think Spurs will look to do everything to avoid getting swept this week, they are still very much struggling to put points on the board. I see this as a 1-0, 2-0, kind of victory. Lastly, I know Leicester can’t win to save their Premier League life but they are still a quality side. The real fulcrum here will be what lineup they put out. Let’s not forget, Leicester City is still in the Champions League and play Wednesday. Should Claudio Ranieri look to rest the big names, they could be in trouble.