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Mark Noble jokingly calls himself the best player in the world

A kids’ press conference with Mark Noble and Slaven Bilic

To add to the terrific afternoon that was Family Fun Day for West Ham, the club decided to switch up the weekly press conference routine. Instead of the same journalists and news organizations asking about the next opponent, manager Slaven Bilic was joined by club captain Mark Noble, as both took questions from ... kids.

All of the Hammers youngsters were eager to produce some inquiries that Bilcic and Noble don’t normally get, and it lead to some humorous reactions from the top coach and his captain.

When asked who was his favorite teammate, Noble had to contemplate a bit after all the kids produced “Ohhhhhhhhs” around the room, waiting for which teammate he would say.

“James Collins, big ginger, yeah” Noble uttered. “I get ging to make my breakfast in the morning and he makes my coffees, so yeah, it would probably be ging.”

When asked if he could buy any player in the world, Bilic was about to answer before Noble butted in.

“He’s already got him,” the captain said, producing big laughs from Bilic and the kids in the room. Bilic would later go on to say that he would buy Lionel Messi before anyone else, as some kid went on to inevitably yell “Ronaldo” after he said that.

You can watch the best from the press conference, right down below: