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‘Original’ Poetry: Mark Noble is my Captain

We turn to Walt Whitman to express our feelings on our beloved captain.

West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Mark Noble recently disclosed he would like to spend his whole career at West Ham United and retire a Hammer. In honor of our brave captain, and that it is Valentine’s Day, we borrow sentiment from the beloved Walt Whitman.

O Captain! My Captain!

Our season has had its cost,

The pitch has weather’d every match, the prize we sought is lost;

The end is near, the whistle I hear, the fans are all stirring,

While the weary eye unwavering steel, Bilic grim and sulking:

But O Noble! Noble! Noble!

O the bleeding drops of claret and blue,

Where on the pitch my Captain stood,

Gleaming proud and true!

O Captain! My Captain!

Lift your head and grapple the stakes;

For you the ball is drilled, for you the net shakes.

For you flags and banners quiver, for you the flares burn;

For you they call, the screaming mass, their eager faces turn;

Hear Captain! Dear Noble!

This badge upon your chest.

Sewn with history and riddled with blood,

You stand to lead the rest.

My Captain does not answer, his feet are swift and fierce

The opposition cannot do him harm, with no dribble or no pierce;

The midfield is anchor’d safe and sound, the counter is slowly undone;

From beaten foes the Captain knows, the object is all but won

Exult, O fans, cheer, and sing!

Do not stop until you’re blue,

For the Captain plays on and on,

gleaming proud and true!