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Brace The Hammer’s Betting Corner

Like you, we’re degenerate gamblers so we give you our lock, parlays, and insanity bets for the weekend!

Stoke City v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Lock of the Week!

$100 for $115

My lock of the week has to go to Everton. Everton are receiving a +115 on the money line and are away to Middlesbrough, a classic double up. Everton have lost only one of their last 12 Premier League matches against Middlesbrough but that’s not why we’re excited. Romelu Lukaku is one goal shy of tying a club record and we’re betting he’s going to sniff that out. Put that up against a Boro side that can’t seem to muster a goal to save their Premiership life.

Parlays of the Week!

The Risk

$100 for $1175

Our risk pick of the week is a three match parlay featuring Crystal Palace (+300), West Ham United (+123), and Chelsea (-233). $100 bet will give you a payout of $1174.00.

I know what you’re thinking. Crystal Palace?! Yes, and I’ll tell you why. Crystal Palace has given their away fans free tickets to travel and support their team. It’s a must win for Sam Allardyce and he means to see this through. In addition, Stoke City’s Glen Johnson and Xherdan Shaqiri will not be available while Palace will be at full strength. Hey, it’s risky for a reason!

The Reward

$100 for $315

Our reward pick of the week is a three match parlay featuring Everton (+115), Arsenal (-320), and Manchester City (-213). Risking $100 will yield a $315 payout. It’s a safe bet with all three looking strong right now and playing defensively questionable teams.

The Insanity Play

$50 for $1500

If you’re looking to blow $50 for some high octane thrills, I’ve got the bet for you. $50 can turn into $1500 real quick. We’re looking at a three team parlay with Tottenham Hotspur (+240), Swansea (+145), and Sunderland (+295). I can literally hear you rolling your eyes, stop it. I’m actually going to place this bet. Why? Because in the off chance it pays off, I’ve got the rest of my action covered for weeks. Here are some quick points as to why the insanity might pay off. Tottenham is without Danny Rose and Jan Vertonghen, sure, but they’re still one of the most high tempo offenses in the league and dominate the midfield. Liverpool’s rise to the top was based off of the ability to score a goal but they’ve failed to do that consistently for a few weeks, hence their drop in the standings. I expect a shootout with the difference being Victor Wanyama.

Swansea might have lost to Manchester City, but just barely. Late game heroics saved City but Swansea has still beaten Southampton and Liverpool in the previous weeks. Leicester can’t seem to get out of their own way and are on a four game losing streak. I’ll take that ride.

Lastly, without Virgil Van Dijk and Charlie Austin, Southampton just look lost. They’re really missing Jose Fonte and it’s starting to show. Sure, they’ve been putting on a brave face for the EFL Cup, but they have only one victory in a sea of losses going back six matches. Sunderland on the other hand, just put on a clinic against Crystal Palace, spanking them 4-0. Before that? Held Spurs scoreless.