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West Ham Weekly Loan Watch

Folks, it was a big week for Reece Oxford.

Aston Villa v Sunderland - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Hello, Hammers, and welcome back! It’s been a few weeks, but there just wasn’t a lot to report. Can you blame us for taking a break from this when the first team is so terrible? We need our weeknights to wallow in misery. But they did beat Chelsea so maybe they’re actually beginning to turn around. Maybe. We’ll see.

Also, most of the loanees haven’t really played, so, uh, there’s that. Now let’s hop right to it.

Josh Cullen

Cullen has not played since 14th October, but the lad is keeping his head up. Bolton has also only won two matches since 14th October. Not super surprised.

Some West Ham fans think because he’s not playing for a bad (trash, actually) Bolton side that he should come back to the first team in January and get some experience, and we’ve got to say that we agree. The way this West Ham United squad is playing, they could probably use a good young gun like Cullen. It is unfortunately clear that his playing style is not working out with the way that Bolton’s manager wants to play. Even if the way Bolton’s manager is playing is like garbage. Which it is.

Reece Burke

Reece Burke has actually been getting some pretty consistent playing time. While we expected Cullen to be the Hammer to really make his place in the first team for Bolton, it’s become Burke, and we’re really happy to see our man killing it.

Burke has been doing really well for a Bolton team that’s not that great. He’s played the full 90 minutes in their last three matches. He even won MOTM in Bolton’s most recent 3-1 win on 2nd December.

Reece Oxford

Reece Oxford actually made a start for Borussia Mönchengladbach! This is big news. Exciting, even. Some thought this moment may never come.

Unfortunate that the squad lost 1-0, but Oxford put in the full 90 minutes at right-back. Odd, but we’re not going to complain as our man put in some quality minutes and impressed in his first debut.

Very proud to see our man did well in the Bundesliga, where the competition is tough.

Robert Snodgrass

Look we’ll just say it. . . we sort of miss Robert Snodgrass. Maybe he’s not as bad as we all thought. He’s been absolutely tearing it up at Aston Villa, and, yup, it’s coming again. . . we miss him. Although we highly doubt he’ll ever come back and actually play for the Hammer after that dreadful Sullivan interview where he used Snodgrass as a scapegoat. Maybe the real problem at this club is the board. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Yeah, you read that right. That’s a real quote from our real chairman David Sullivan.

And this is a real response from the real Robert Snodgrass.

Anyway, Aston Villa lie fifth in the Championship table, just three points back from third place, and Robert Snodgrass has been a huge part of that. He may not be as bad as we all thought.

One more time: we kind of miss him. We really do.