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Bilic on his sacking: We just didn’t ‘make the step’ up to the elite

As he exited out of the London Stadium for the final time, Slaven Bilic talked to the media on Monday after being slacked from his West Ham United managing job.

The amicable Bilic was as upbeat as he could possibly be ousted from his position, mentioning how the club just couldn’t take the next step from the great first season he had in 2015-16.

“Sad, disappointed, but not in the club,” Blic said. “I expected it to be fair. It was the mood that clubs are usually doing, so no hard feelings to be fair. Especially when the time goes by, I will be very proud of my work.”

“We didn’t start this crucial season very well. We had a really very good or great first season. Then, the second season we know would be a difficult one in the transition to move to the new stadium and all the difficulties we had. We coped with that in the end really good, finished middle of the table. And then this season that we hoped we would gonna make that step from the start, we just didn’t make it. And as well with many clubs in the Premier League and across Europe, the manager is the one who is playing the price for it.”

Bilic is expected to replaced by David Moyes, who is coming off his own ignominious times with Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland after his bright start to his managing career at Everton.

It was reported that David Gold and David Sullivan made requests to many managers, including both Carlo Ancelotti and Burnley’s Sean Dyche, but they declined.