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West Ham Weekly Loan Watch

Come be optimistic about the future with us. It’s nice in here we promise.

West Ham United Training and Press Conference Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images

[shouted over extremely obnoxious rap airhorns] WHAT’S UP, HAMMERS, THE WEST HAM WEEKLY LOAN WATCH IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.

A lot has happened since the last loan watch, and, you know what, we apologize for not being around the last few weeks because we know you all care so much about Brace The Hammer, and especially so much about this particular weekly editorial. We will be better. Also. . . most of the loanees haven’t really been playing so it’s more on their respective managers than it is on us. Just sayin’.

A lot may have happened, but some things haven’t changed: Bolton Wanderers are still garbage, and the board, with their recent hire of prehistoric manager David Moyes, is still clueless. But the Weekly Loan Watch is a happy place where we don’t worry about those things! We’re here to look toward the future! Where these young players will hopefully be playing for West Ham United in the Premier League and not in the Championship or League One!

Alright, now let’s get right to it — posthaste!

Josh Cullen

Josh Cullen is wasting away on the Bolton bench because a manager whose style is outdated doesn’t know how to use him. It’s fine. We’re not mad. Just kidding we’re mad. Cullen’s most recent appearance for Bolton was in a 2-1 win (Bolton’s first of the season) against Sheffield Wednesday, where the Irishman played a measly six minutes.

We could go on all day about how playing hoof ball is about as dead as Latin and how it is in no way Josh Cullen’s fault that Bolton’s manager is clueless, but we’ll leave it at that.

Our man is now back with the Hammers, though, hoping to impress new manager David Moyes. This is exciting, as Moyes, with all of his faults, does at least have a good track record of giving chances to youth players.

Cullen is on loan until January, but he’s been given permission (presumably by Bolton’s manager) to be back this week training with the West Ham senior squad. Moving on.

Reece Burke

Our man Reece Burke has still not featured for Bolton since September 23rd. Yet, the team has still only won two matches. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Seems Bolton’s manager has used young Reece (and Josh Cullen) as a scapegoat for a problem that clearly does not lie solely with the young players.

Reece Oxford

Reece Oxford made his Bundesliga debut for Borussia Monchengladbach!

So there’s that.

Robert Snodgrass

Snodgrass has been doing pretty well at Aston Villa. Or at least he’s been playing consistently.

The above tweet leads us to believe he’s mostly just playing consistently.

The below tweet leads us to believe he’s doing pretty okay.

Believe what you want, but just remember that Snoddy’s doing everything he’s doing in the Championship.

Until next time, Hammers.